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Hitakshi Bawa

Hitakshi Bawa

Being bubbly, carefree and full of life, Hitakshi Bawa hails from the Capital of India, New Delhi. Along with working as an Executive Administration in a MNC, she is also pursuing her MBA from AIMA. Ever since she became a self-made young woman, Hitakshi has been an avid reader, always eager to grab her favorite authors’ books and leave an impressionable review. Playing with words, sharing her emotions and expressing her thoughts, gives her immense happiness. Her poems always make the readers feel good. Her debut short story was published in an anthology of short stories called ‘Syahi’.

Just like any other girl of her age, Hitakshi digs her moods in chocolates, balances her beautiful self on stilettos, shopping galore with friends and getting photographed from all possible angles. A down to girl at heart, rich in moral values and loyal in any relation she forms, Hitakshi unwinds her weekends at home with her small and loving family.

Connect with this beautiful, budding author with her words as she shares her ideas with you on almost every social platform like her blog @ www.hitakshibawa.com. Join her on Facebook under the name of Hitakshi Bawa and on twitter with the handle @hitakshibawa. Leave a message, discuss your ideas, take her views and be interactive with the multi-talented, enterprising and happening Hitakshi Bawa.

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Friday, 13 June 2014 13:53

Keep Going On…!!

When life disappoints you, And the going gets tough, When the downpour begins, And you feel that you have had enough…

When emotions get you tangled, With every passing phase, When friends slam the door and stare, Right on your face…

When the world you believe in, Crumbles upon your soul, And the paradise you cherished, Falls short of your goals…

Remember……………….. Someone is up there, You can forever count on, Who will kiss away your pain, And be with you all the way long…

So get up…………. Keep going on, Till you achieve the goal…!!

©Hitakshi Bawa

Friday, 13 June 2014 13:52

My Love for You!!

Time changes, and so does the world but never changes My Love for you… Life changes and situations also but never change my behavior towards you… You are mine and so did your soul, but what will make us, to be called as more… I know it’s difficult to be together, But I will love you even more day by day forever… Still my heart deny to lose you.. Refuse to accept the fact which is true… I need my life I need my peace… I need my days, my nights, My thoughts, my dreams… I need my breath which is in you… I need you my love, my love as you…!!

Friday, 13 June 2014 13:47

The Final Goodbye…!!

Why am I changing myself?

For whom am I waiting so while,

Things gonna change was my hope,

You’ll come one day that I thought…

I treasured you in my heart,

I wished we'd never be apart,

But time wanted something else that,

I never thought I could be this sad…

I remembered the talks we did,

Yes!! I remembered the walks we did,

still I remember u holding my hand,

but the point was that you didn't take the stand...

My heart really hurts,

My heartbeats are in pain,

As I know, life without you,

Will never be the same…

And then one day I woke up with tears in my eyes,

I told myself "that's enough" and so I realized,

That I've given everything I've ever had,

But despite all of these, you chose to break my heart...

I can’t blame you,

As you were the one I loved,

Now Wish me luck and say goodbye

as this would be the last I wished…!! ©Hitakshi Bawa

Friday, 13 June 2014 13:17

Unconditional Love: Love is Life!!

Beautiful life and a beautiful love,

Is all that one always dreamed off

All have it once for sure,

But some desire for more or some doesn’t recognize the pure…

Some who get it, get pleased forever,

Heaven is on earth for them, when they both are together,

Love is all that cherish in their souls of the world,

They do not see or feel the negativity of this world…

A treasure of love is between two hearts,

Nothing will ever torn them apart,

Their love will stood the test of time,

They will still be together as their souls entwined…

If they are together, they can conquer the world,

All the problems are meant just nothing to them,

The touch that they share,

The secrets that they hear,

Are their tender, affectionate ways…

Getting a true one is not in everyone’s fate,

And those who have it, lose it with their utmost mistake,

If you have it, please keep it secure,

Don’t let anything come between your souls…!!

©Hitakshi Bawa

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