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Meghna Gupta

Meghna Gupta

Meghna Gupta Jogani ,born in Mumbai ,has a Masters degree in English from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thakersey University,Mumbai.The studies on Feminism greatly influenced her art in writing. Her works portray the pathos of womankind to try and bring about changes in society's perspective as a whole.

"Superwoman" was awarded the 3 rd position in the prestigious 3rd Rabibdranath Tagore International Poetry Competition 2014 organised by www.Poiesisonline.com.( The beauty lies in the added feature that it resembles a womans figurine when written in linear form.)

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Monday, 07 September 2015 06:51

What The Waves Brought In

I had seen carcasses of whales and dolphins

Penguins , sharks and even a crocodile once

Meet unempathetic glances across the shore

What the waves brought in today beat 'em all

It was a lifeless and doll-like corpse of a child

An inheritor of a family of " Refugees " on run

Trying to escape clutches of inhuman camps

Were they any less human dare ask my soul?

Weren't they martyrs to seek a dignified life !?


What the waves brought in today beat 'em all

It haunts my nights and days - a sceptre now

On my head hangs crown of diseased thorns

What we threw into the sea it regurgitates too

Innocence of childhood bleeds a way through

Hopping and tossing on the waves are ghosts

Teasing and defying the laws that chased 'em

Laid to rest and peace finally Nature rescues:

Don't worry they don't need anything no more


Copyrights-  Meghna Gupta Jogani .


3 September , 2015 . 

Sunday, 23 August 2015 04:46


Look ye us straight in the eye , daughters and dear sons !

We are those that rocked your cradles with our guns ,

Keeping your wails in our hearts we stormed the crests  ,

Defending you we took the enemy's shots at our chests .

We are War Veterans , We fight yes , for our dear State ,

We do not care about nights or days , nor a rainy spate .

We pay the price of your freedom with our very lives ,

We keep you safe at home and wander the battle hives .

Unsure whether we shall see the Sun the next morn ;

We are War Veterans , We fight for the rights of a human !

Alas , We do pray when we grow old we die as heroes ...

What we do for you sons and daughters , only a martyr does .

And pledged to serve our country shall we fight till end ,

It doesn't matter whether you respect the blood spent ...



Meghna Gupta Jogani

- चलो साकार करें डॉ कलाम का सपना –

एक सुंदर सपना था डॉ कलाम की आखों ने देखा

महादेशभक्त ने रची माँ की सुरक्षा में लक्षमणरेखा

सन् २०२० की परिकल्पना है अनोखी उनकी लेखा

आओ देशप्रेमियों करें सपना साकार बनाके एेका


हर बच्चे को करें उजले दीप जैसा ज्ञान से तेजस्वी

भारतमाँ का स्वाभिमान रहे अखंड प्रतिभा की छवि

जिस माँ ने पाले करोड़ों बच्चे वे बनें करोडों ज्ञानी

फैलाएँ विश्व में परम धर्म और मानवता की वाणि


निकम्मे दानव भ्रष्टाचार का अब खात्मा करना होगा

खा चुका सामाजिक शान्ति बेहिसाब अनर्थ ले भोगा

अपने वतन अपने घर को दिलाएँ इस शैतान से छुट्टि

चलो हमराहियों उठाएँ साथ ताकत की अपनी मुठ्टी


नए दौर का करने स्वागत मिलकर जुटाएँ एक आषा

जमींन-ए-वतन की हरियाली चौगुनी करने को तराषा

" दो हाथ एक पेड़ " लगाने का करेंगे संकल्प जो सभी

पुर्ण होगी आत्मनिर्भता की डॉ कलाम की न्यारी सूची


चुकाएेंगे किश्ति हम उधार-ए-कुर्बानी मेरे वतन के शहीदों

चलो साकार करें डॉ कलाम का सुंदर सपना देश प्रेमियों

सत् सत् प्राणाम सच्चे देशभक्तों का हर बलिदान सुनहेरा

सारे जहान से प्यारा वो भारत देश है मेरा भारत देश मेरा


- Copyrights Meghna Gupta Jogani




Friday, 22 May 2015 11:49


 " Cymbals "

 Battling Birth , victorious the baby screamed.

Conspiracy of half-hearted kin that schemed

Satanic , multiple abortions that beat knives ;

Fails : Of witch-like , unreasonable midwives.


Shady survival-schemes push her deceitfully

And continue to usher her naivety forcefully -

Into a half-baked and immature womanhood

Where debauchery thrives and lechers brood.


She stood unseen , in her nocturnal disguise

Again impregnated with another compromise

An age in which normally she'd play with doll

Her pimps assumed she was having a ball...


Some months later she was hired in festivity

Along With her small bundle of responsibility ;

Conveniently dressed in turn as the mother

Of the dark-hued-cream-loving Lord's Avatar*


The very men who squandered her childhood

Were now lined with a farce devotional mood

Clapping cymbals , pulling the cradle strings ;

Welcoming the Lord's birth to kill evil things...!




Short Comment on Poem

  " Cymbals " is about the poignant pathos of the girl child in rural and even cosmopolitan India. On one hand she faces sexual exploitation ; sometimes at the very hands of her family , who curse her birth as a burden ,  and to relieve themselves of which , they sell her into the flesh-trade . On the other , she is often symbolised as the "maiden-mother" ("kanya") and worshipped as a Goddess in various forms.

   Thus "Cymbals" is a homophonic title , for the "cymbals " that are clapped meaninglessly , as if sadistically crushing reason and humanity to bits , and of "symbols" that thus emerge , of a graceless and hypocritical society .


* dark-hued, cream-loving Lord's Avatar = reference to Lord Krishna ( dark and loves dairy products ) believed to be Lord Vishnu's Avatar born to dismiss Evil and whose birth is celebrated as "Janmashtami".




Thursday, 05 March 2015 08:49

"Don't color me Black and Red"

Silence prevailed . The only occasional sound heard in the still darkness was that of a croak or a hiss . Nothing else dared to break the monotony of the night . Even the stars seemed to be trespassing the barbed site , of the ominous GISA Chemical Laboratory ; and shimmered in a subdued manner from a safe distance . The very throttling air , assumingly , had taken a permit to pervade around ...

The shock of an ice-cold water bucket , suddenly drenching her , made her roar in agony ! She shrieked as she chased her pack of monstrous friends ! The rainbows seemed to have been gigantic ice-creams , ( left unrefrigerated overnight ) ; and thus melted in the compounds of a color-strewn Nation . Hues of blue , orange , green , yellow , purple, pink and yes black and red too , were puddling the roads .

It was Holi ! The time of the year when not just toddlers , who used color-crayons at kindergarten , but even the adults forgot their worries and emerged themselves in color-jets , spurting from water-guns and hands smearing color powders on eachother . People suddenly turned unrecognisable in their colored scales , and the dreary exteriors of the towns and cities made lively .

A train of teenagers wobbled like a very wet caterpillar , as they queued up by the common tap for a refill , keeping eye in the meanwhile , on a lookout - lest attack came from unprecedented corners ! ( Little did anyone suspect where the attack had been planned and was well on it's way too ...)

Someone sneezed . No one noticed . Was it such a big deal if you had been playing with water since morning , and now the whole afternoon ? No it wasn't . And no one actually cared today . They were busy chasing each other in water fights . But people did take notice when someone suddenly lost balance, just like that , and collapsed .

The hospitals were a new addition this Holi , to the colorful festivities - they were overrun by patients midway of their color-playing activities . Nurses bandaged at their noses and mouths , seemed to be recuperating themselves , as they attended to the swarming " Out Patients " wards , dodging panicked queries and following routine check-ups .

A sinister smile lit his eyes as he watched the only window in the room , reflecting running images of the hospitals flooded with the new case . He picked up a toy chocolate bar and spoke into it , " This is just the beginning . " But he didn't seem to be taking a bite of it ...

The Medical Department had called in their smartest Assessment Officer from the Public Health Ministry , Mrs. Geeta Sharma , to help take stock of the endemic . She arrived promptly , her curt and slight eyes shifting non-stop from point to point . She wore a mask and went directly to the medical stock and supplies floor , assessing the whole situation . She was in very deep thought . It was the time to harness the flood .

As the thoughts seemed to be playing color too in her compact mind , she didn't miss the common factor , nor fail to notice that most of the patients admitted had red on them , well yes literally ! She got up with an alarm and ran downstairs , not waiting for the long turn at the elevators - she wasn't taking any chances . " Dr. Mitra ! Fast ! I need you right away ! " she ordered in an urgent voice , even as he was inspecting a patient's nerve .

After their private animated discussion , Dr. Mitra couldn't imagine what to do next ? There was red all over the place ! Just as he was contemplating solutions and was lost , a six-year old who was just brought in spurted color at him playfully with his still-loaded water gun " sploosh" , and then laughed while coughing , as the nurse wheeled him away .

They were busy packing the packets - covered from head to toe in an armor-like protective suit that prevented any contact with the virus . Another batch , further away down the line , was pasting the labels on them-  " Happy Holi " it read , and had the image of innocent children spraying each other with colors . Their cold-bloodedness saw no innocence , nor heard the wails of relatives who lost their children thus ...

" Geeta ! See this , this should do it ! " The doctors checked the samples from the patients' colored clothes . Their worst fears had come true ; the Nation was sent reeling on a suicide mission unawares , as they basked themselves in the virus infected powders , unwittingly and without doubting what the packets contained . The Center was immediately alerted and media given updates.

All were asked to immediately stop the colorful festivities . The virus had been transmitted very cleverly to a Nation that believed " on Holi , even the enemies should be forgiven and embraced." Geeta had proven her worth yet once again , as the country was saved , just at the nick of time and the medical fraternity got to work in fighting the virus . ( The flu symptoms were fully understood and ears pricked now at the smallest sneeze. )

A pair of eyes gleamed restlessly in the dark , as another conspiracy was foiled . The Laboratory stood dark tonight ; even the stars had fled vacating the sky above it



5 MARCH, 2015 .

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 08:50

Joyride Of A Lifetime

She strolled up to the fence , pigtails fluttering in the wind , Samantha hanging onto dear life by her left hand ; the curiosity of an eight year old , to overlook beyond the fence . He looked up too , dismounting his bicycle immediately and waving happily at his new " friend ". She of course , snobbish with her Mumbai "airs", didn't reciprocate in the same manner , but instead waved Samantha's palm right back at him . He was grinning cheek to cheek , obviously , and invited both his visitors to cross over , into his garden.

She looked behind her without heeding him , and saw the movers monotonously unloading their belongings from the truck - her parents supervising them from a short distance. The Sun was higher now , and she felt hot . She pulled her lace hat down nearer her face and quietly walked away.

That same evening , as she was seated with her father at their dinner table , they had surprise guests , of their " new neighbours ". It was the impish boy from across the fence , and another gentleman with him .

" Jasnaam Dolat ," the gentleman introduced himself , while shaking hands with her father , a stout , dark , humble scientist , who had recently resigned from his government post , to start his own pharmaceutical plant , here in Delhi .

" Hanumant Joshi . Glad to meet you  . Please join us for dinner , we have some simple dishes here ."
 She could see the boys' eyes lit up again at the prospect ; a disgusting trait she thought , as her own mother would have , and often did , admonish her if she ever happened to enjoy the meals off other kids' tiffins at school . What could such a boy be possibly named she wondered ?

" Randeep , boy say hello ! " , his father prompted him .

" And this here is Sanjita ," said Mr. Joshi . She learnt by and by , he had no mother , and that she had passed away in a tragic accident some months ago . This aspect of his life , mellowed her a bit towards him.

" This is my mother , " he showed her a locket one afternoon , as they lay under a tree .

" Copy of his mother ! " she had thought and had been amazed .

They started poking sticks into ant-holes , giggling at the adamancy of the tiny creatures to make a detour , and yet no matter what , find their path home. That game had subconsciously taught them, that when you are passionate about something , nothing should deter you from attaining it ...

They got up , with a new idea to celebrate their newly acquired lesson - plant a lemon tree ! Sanu ran to her refrigerator , returning with a lemon in hand. Ranu squashed the pulp with a few jumps, and picked up the seeds . Together they sowed them in the soil , deciding to take turns to water it. " This is our tree of friendship ! ", they chimed in innocent unison.

How the seasons passed into years, how the sapling grew into a sturdy tree bearing coy white blossoms , that dangled airily with every breeze ! The scent of lemons permeated the air , as though Nature had conspired to keep Ranu in Sanu's mind 247, and vice versa by the reminder of their friendship in the whiffs of air .  

"Sanu !", he yelled, " are you coming or should I leave ?"
"Coming !" she hurried , a book nearly about to slip out of her grip in the haste . He kick-started his bike and off they were speeding on their way to her college .

" And haven't I told you too , that you may leave without me if you're in such a hurry !". She wasn't letting him get the better of her . Not always . Her terse remark , so unlike her sweet self, made him overlook the bump that was coming , skidding , leaving him off balance and sending the bike and its riders into a dismantled heap over each other !
The initial sting of the fall was jolted to oblivion , when they discovered themselves into each others' arms , embraced and glued together . The awareness of their touches sent a zillion sparks bursting in every cell of their bodies . The freshness of it , the sensational zestiness - it was all inexplicable . All they knew was , it felt like having discovered Paradise !

They managed to straighten up by and by , and also lifted the bike up . They mounted on it silently , a bit tensed even , now . The rest of the ride was silent upto her college , loaded with a newfound awareness of each other . Just before she got off , he adjusted the side view mirror to glance at her face ; she noticed it and blushed slightly .

" Take care ," he said , as usual , but today it sounded as though he really meant it.
She saw him waiting in the afternoon , like always , from his way back from his dad's office , to pick her up from college for going home. They were in a lighter mood than the morning , and even giggled together at jokes they cracked while passing people and commenting on them to each other . When he left her home , she waved good bye and touched the rim of her spectacles ; something she did whenever she was in deep thought...
The next day , there he was, smiling impishly - it reminded her of the first time she saw him , in his garden , asking her to cross over . It's just , that she now recalled his outstretched arm he had held out to help her , as he held now ... As she walked towards  him , she felt the warm tingling of pricks on her cheeks , like a hundred needles poking them , ( and even heard her heart step up its beats ) .

They were closer today , the distance of childhood had been crossed over , unlike the fence she hadn't , and a realization of their attraction for each other , allowed her to slip her hand onto his crotch occasionally as they rode on ; and he took the liberty to feel her bosom with his back . She was wearing a perfume today , quite unlike her .

" Nice fragrance !", he teased her knowingly , and instead of taking him on , she just let it pass with a soft , blushing laughter .
As they neared her college , she complained , " I don't want to... I don't want to go to college today , please ! I don't want to go to college today , please , please Ranu . "

"Since when has studious Sanu started playing truant ?! ", he further teased her . He knew very well , her dedication towards her studies , the aspirations of her parents from her , the background of her very well-educated family - a Brahmin Maharashtrian middle-class family , who placed great value on academics as their only source of recognition and pride . 

" Not today , please , just not today , " she promised.

" Okay , let's take us for a joyride then !!". He made a turndown while saying this , his own enthusiasm for all things fun , mounting up , the son of a wealthy businessman , showered with abundance since childhood ; all he lacked was attention and care ...

He pumped up the volume of his favourite track on his ipod , and a couple of bunny-hops down the road , she was screeching and shrieking like a banshee with glee !! 

That evening Mrs. Joshi noticed a change in her daughter's demeanor , and meant to mention it to her husband at the earliest instance.

" Sanu has grown up now !" she said , to her husband the same evening when he returned home from work .

" Do you think , I'm a fool !? Or do you take me to be a blind ? ", he replied in his usual dog-chases-cat fashion.

" I wasn't the topper in my batch for nothing ! I have already found a match for Sanu in Dhanesh Lele , a Cambridge qualified MBA , working in Global Pharma , son of my close associate Anand Lele .They will come next week to meet Sanu...till then let there be peace...! "  the last words were spoken in a rush to resume his reading of the Stock Market Newspapers.

The lemon tree stood alone today, waiting for either one to come and water it , as was the deal between them . But today , none were forthcoming .  Where were they ? Blissfully ignorant , wrapped in each others' hugs , they didn't imagine they had come farthest away on their daily escapades today. Suddenly , the clouds crackled , as though inspired by their joyrides to try some backflips and tailwhips of their own !!
The lovebirds were sent fleeing for shelter , as the skies broke loose , isolated from all mankind , into a cavern they could call their " own ". Once there , they found solace in the arms of one another ; till the magic began - the only spectator to their passionate orchestra was an owl perched above, who just added a chorus of loud hoots to their animalistic grunts, growls , purrs , hisses , mooing , moans , screeches and gasps...as they explored each other fervently ...

When the Sun shone again , it brought in a new sunlight into their worlds , one in which they had known the joyride that darkness had taken them on. The way back home was never so reluctant , the rubbing of her soft curves against his solid flats never so gratifying...They exchanged looks which only they could decipher , as they dismounted the bike and went to their respective homes . 

" Sanu , where have you been ?? I have been looking for you - there had been a thunderstorm ! " her mother demanded as soon as she entered .

" Now go and change , for Heaven's sake , look at you all drenched...! ", her mother marched her off .

Changed and refreshed she sat down at her study- table, recalling all that had surpassed that afternoon , as she sipped from a mug of hot coffee . She blushed a couple times , then set herself to her studies .
She was ready the next day , earlier than usual , only to see a new car and a chauffeur waiting at the gate .

"Sanu , we have arranged a car to bring you to college and back , from now onwards . You should stop talking to boys now...you are no more a girl !"

" Good morning," she said to herself, (but dared not let her mother notice her expression) . " Did you say something ?", she still prodded investigating.

As she seated herself within her new mode of transport , her eyes looked about helplessly for him. She was very distracted today during all the lectures , fidgety too , to go home as soon as possible . She wanted to meet him , see him , talk to him. There had not been a single day past ten years , when they had not met or spoken to each other on a daily basis . She dialled his number.

" Hello ", he responded from the other end . He sounded perturbed too  . " Ranu ?! "

He told her about how her parents had come over to invite his father last night , for her engagement ceremony , how while leaving ,  her mother glanced askew at him , as though warning him to keep distance from her daughter , passing snide remarks of how most motherless kids were ill-mannered and reckless , how their relationship will only lead to futility , how their togetherness would be impossible, the inter- caste issues , the objections ...A Brahmin vegetarian girl , a Jat meat-eating boy , the non acceptance from both sides , the prospective oppositions...He wouldn't want her to go through all this hell . He wished her luck always and hung up...

She walked towards the car , letting the facts hammer themselves in . As she entered her home, she saw her mother serving  coffee , and a lady unknown to her , quite well-dressed though and with a formal behaviour , seated beside her mother .

" Come Sweetheart , just in time ," her mother greeted her and invited her to join in . " This is Sanjita , or Sanu as we call her ." The lady nodded in appreciation .

 " Hello aunty , " Sanu gave her salutations .

" Sanu , soon you should be addressing her as " mother " instead of aunt ", her mother informed her lovingly and chuckled .

Sanu left them briefly and moved towards her room listlessly ; lifeless rather .
Once alone , she sat down to grieve her loss . But she had a partner in need , who wanted to share it ; Samantha from the cupboard was looking into her eyes . She took her down , hugged her , and cuddled up to her in bed , as she used to , as a little girl , drifting slowly into dreamland .

She dreamt of a knight rider , he reached out for her and lifted her onto the back seat . She tried looking at his face , but it was masked beneath a dark helmet , which he promised to remove once they were alone . She saw the trees brushing past as they rode on , the birds above them singing songs of melancholic love and parting , the mountains dressed in their bright green coats , like a band playing at her wedding , all were enchantingly pleasant ...until they reached the dead-end of a cliff .

The rider stopped his bike abruptly , and asked her to get off it . As soon as she obliged , then without a further warning , he did a 360 Degrees and then sped off the cliff !!

She sprang out of sleep , and found herself in a puddle of her own perspiration .

She felt hungry . She went down to the refrigerator, and heard the start of his bike . She rushed out , only to catch the last mud thrown up in the air , as he raced away alone . That had been her last attempt at trying to get a glimpse of him .

He showed up himself , dressed in a smart formal suit on the day of her engagement , smiling as always .  As for her , her bespectacled , soft profile wore chic make-up today ( without the glasses of course) , and her loose-fitting college casuals , were replaced by an elegant , South Silk sari , with perfectly selected and matched accessories - every inch an eye-candy today ! In fact, as soon as he set eyes on her , he skipped several heart beats in a row .
She was angry with him , angry for the neglect he had shown her the past few days , angry for his indifference on her engagement , for his refusal to bid her a befitting farewell in the least... She decided to let him have a piece of her mind as well .She ignored him completely . This was her revenge on him .

They happened to interlock their gazes a couple of times , but she would soon untangle it , purposefully . Soon her fiance arrived too , looking dashing in a crimson blazer and was made to sit besides her . She pretended to be giving him her undivided attention ( though ensuring another pair of eyes were on her ) . She searched if Ranu noticed , but he was absent again !

After the exchange of rings and formalities , her father announced a round of refreshments , much to her relief ...She helped herself around clumsily , a few cousins and friends helping her up too , not being used to such party-wear , and let her alone by herself , briefly , on a couch . She turned . He was standing against a pillar , hidden from the rest , eyes intently marking her moves . He made a peacock with his fingers and made it dance in her direction , as he often did whenever he had approved of her looks ,  indicating how gorgeous she looked today . It made her blush anew , and she appreciated his gimmicks to always make her laugh , which showed in her spontaneous smile .

He fetched her , her favorite dessert , the "gulab jamun " ; only it was half-eaten , and she knew why ; this is how they had been sharing sweets since childhood .
It dawned on them , their closeness was not subject to names or relations , they would remain close no matter what happened to them or where life would take them .They had been on a joyride together , and it would last them a lifetime .
They didn't need anyone's approval of what they felt about each other or whether it was legitimate ...They just felt like having visited Paradise in each others' company , and that sufficed for them .

She returned after six months of her marriage , to spend time with her parents . She had heard he was very busy in his office nowadays , since she had left . People hardly saw him or knew his whereabouts . She needed Samantha again today , she had that tinge in her bosom welling ... Holding Samantha by her left hand she proceeded outside .

She saw the lemon tree, it was sprouting the white blooms afresh . The familiar whiffs pervading the atmosphere once again ...

An unexpected shower of rain at this time of the year surprised her ! She took refuge under the lemon tree . She hugged it tight , and a pair of pearly drops escaped her eyes and mingled with the rain unnoticed by anyone - or was it so ?  A pair of warm hands clasped her own ; he was here at last ! She clutched him closer tightly and let herself cry long on his chest like never before , as he patted her head and kissed her forehead...

And she , well she was always present , watching over them , like always , from the locket hanging on his neck !


- Meghna Gupta Jogani .



Sunday, 25 January 2015 05:08

२६ जनवरी

सरफरोशों की बलि कर रही ऐलान गणतंत्र की विजय

मातृभुमि पर जगमगा रहा मुख़्तल़िफ आज का सुर्योदय

सुनहरी किरणें फैला रही हैं हर दिशा में देशभक्ति प्यारी

ला रहीं जागृरूकता कि परम वन्दनीय है भारतमाँ हमारी


छब्बीस जनवरी राजपथ से होती शुरू परेड़ गौरवशाली

अमर जवान ज्योति पर करते अर्पण पुष्पों की श्रद्धांजलि

हर बच्चे के मुख पर छायी है गरिमा छलकता है उल्लास

शहीदों ने तो दी थी कुर्बानियाँ ताकि हो इन्हीं का विकास


लाल किले पर इकत्रित हुए सभी आए गर्व से मनाने मौज

बतलाती प्रतिभा जवानों की तैनात है हमारी सतर्क फौज

कहते भारतमाँ को ललकारे जो करेंगे परास्त हर वह षड़यंत्र

दिलों पर खुदा लिखा है "मेरा भारत महान" का अमर मंत्र


इक्कीस तोपों की सलामी देती फिर फहरा हमारा तिरंगा

हर धर्म यहाँ जुट होकर ही बनाता है देश हमारा रंगबिरंगा

सेंकडों साँसें गातीं हैं साथ मिलकर जब जब जन गन मन

गूंजता काश्मीर से लेकर कन्याकुमारी तक पूरा यह गगन


सभी राज्यों की पौषाके करती है प्रदर्शन अद्भुत संस्कृति

"बेटी पढाओ देश बढाओ" का नारा ला रहा नारी-शक्ति

कवच बनकर देश का हौंसला बंधाती हमारी वीर नौसेना

समापन करने आसमान पर दस्तखत करती तेज वायुसेना

(C) Meghna Gupta Jogani .

Monday, 16 June 2014 08:13

Every Man, a son, a father

Every man I know of , is a son, a father,

The brother whose hand I held when smaller,

The one with whom I played "cop n robber"

He grew up to be a such a cool father!

Sincere and intelligent, his clan's leader.

Monday, 19 May 2014 07:51


A child-like pretty face , a frail body like the aged;

Vulnerable from all sides to potential molestations,

Eve-teasing, gang- rapes, likely acid-attacks and loot;

No security, no protection, no self -defensive gear-

The constant fear -not of losing her life ( she's learned

to wear it on her sleeve by now) ,but of gaining

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