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Monday, 07 September 2015 06:51

What The Waves Brought In Featured

Meghna Gupta Written by 
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I had seen carcasses of whales and dolphins

Penguins , sharks and even a crocodile once

Meet unempathetic glances across the shore

What the waves brought in today beat 'em all

It was a lifeless and doll-like corpse of a child

An inheritor of a family of " Refugees " on run

Trying to escape clutches of inhuman camps

Were they any less human dare ask my soul?

Weren't they martyrs to seek a dignified life !?


What the waves brought in today beat 'em all

It haunts my nights and days - a sceptre now

On my head hangs crown of diseased thorns

What we threw into the sea it regurgitates too

Innocence of childhood bleeds a way through

Hopping and tossing on the waves are ghosts

Teasing and defying the laws that chased 'em

Laid to rest and peace finally Nature rescues:

Don't worry they don't need anything no more


Copyrights-  Meghna Gupta Jogani .


3 September , 2015 . 

Read 2101 times Last modified on Monday, 01 February 2016 11:27
Meghna Gupta

Meghna Gupta Jogani ,born in Mumbai ,has a Masters degree in English from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thakersey University,Mumbai.The studies on Feminism greatly influenced her art in writing. Her...
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