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Friday, 22 May 2015 11:49

Cymbals Featured

Meghna Gupta Written by 
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 " Cymbals "

 Battling Birth , victorious the baby screamed.

Conspiracy of half-hearted kin that schemed

Satanic , multiple abortions that beat knives ;

Fails : Of witch-like , unreasonable midwives.


Shady survival-schemes push her deceitfully

And continue to usher her naivety forcefully -

Into a half-baked and immature womanhood

Where debauchery thrives and lechers brood.


She stood unseen , in her nocturnal disguise

Again impregnated with another compromise

An age in which normally she'd play with doll

Her pimps assumed she was having a ball...


Some months later she was hired in festivity

Along With her small bundle of responsibility ;

Conveniently dressed in turn as the mother

Of the dark-hued-cream-loving Lord's Avatar*


The very men who squandered her childhood

Were now lined with a farce devotional mood

Clapping cymbals , pulling the cradle strings ;

Welcoming the Lord's birth to kill evil things...!




Short Comment on Poem

  " Cymbals " is about the poignant pathos of the girl child in rural and even cosmopolitan India. On one hand she faces sexual exploitation ; sometimes at the very hands of her family , who curse her birth as a burden ,  and to relieve themselves of which , they sell her into the flesh-trade . On the other , she is often symbolised as the "maiden-mother" ("kanya") and worshipped as a Goddess in various forms.

   Thus "Cymbals" is a homophonic title , for the "cymbals " that are clapped meaninglessly , as if sadistically crushing reason and humanity to bits , and of "symbols" that thus emerge , of a graceless and hypocritical society .


* dark-hued, cream-loving Lord's Avatar = reference to Lord Krishna ( dark and loves dairy products ) believed to be Lord Vishnu's Avatar born to dismiss Evil and whose birth is celebrated as "Janmashtami".




Read 2286 times Last modified on Friday, 22 May 2015 11:55
Meghna Gupta

Meghna Gupta Jogani ,born in Mumbai ,has a Masters degree in English from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thakersey University,Mumbai.The studies on Feminism greatly influenced her art in writing. Her...
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