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Friday, 13 June 2014 13:17

Unconditional Love: Love is Life!!

Hitakshi Bawa Written by 
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Beautiful life and a beautiful love,

Is all that one always dreamed off

All have it once for sure,

But some desire for more or some doesn’t recognize the pure…

Some who get it, get pleased forever,

Heaven is on earth for them, when they both are together,

Love is all that cherish in their souls of the world,

They do not see or feel the negativity of this world…

A treasure of love is between two hearts,

Nothing will ever torn them apart,

Their love will stood the test of time,

They will still be together as their souls entwined…

If they are together, they can conquer the world,

All the problems are meant just nothing to them,

The touch that they share,

The secrets that they hear,

Are their tender, affectionate ways…

Getting a true one is not in everyone’s fate,

And those who have it, lose it with their utmost mistake,

If you have it, please keep it secure,

Don’t let anything come between your souls…!!

©Hitakshi Bawa

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Hitakshi Bawa

Being bubbly, carefree and full of life, Hitakshi Bawa hails from the Capital of India, New Delhi. Along with working as an Executive Administration in a MNC, she is also pursuing her MBA from AIMA....
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