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Thursday, 05 June 2014 08:42


Venu pandey Written by 
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Draping my stol around, i stepped out of my home.

It was White cold around.

The snowflaks gently kissed my cheeks and melted. I checked for the

gift i brought for him, followed with a wide curve filling my senses

to the

cascading fluffy pillows of excietment.

"10years..Long Enough!!"

Appreciating the people greeting Hi's randomly on street, zoned out, I

swirled into the sparkling white pleasure.

15mins. From my home and i was at "The Temptations".

The place always remind me of the tym, i first stumbled across him.

"Don't cry, no, please, gud gals dun, the tears may freeze your eyes

shut and bad boy will run away with your christmas gift". . . he said

, kissing my tears away.

"whats your name??"


"ohh Maria,,now take these choclates, come lets dance"

I still wonder why i joined him. Those eyes had magic. He gave me the

dream, the dream of Life! Deep down the soul felt protected,

celebrated and treasured.

The december wind blowed.

I was shivering. The christmas was in its bloom, naked trees, bare

branches laden with heavy snow... Everyone was dancing to the

phenomenal breeze. The world in white celebrating equality and joy.

I chechek it again, it had been half an hour i was waiting from. I

looked around for logs of fire, lovers iceskating, swinging, crossed

handed grasp, laughing and smiling untill the kiss warmed their toes.

All happy and Red!! And i kept staring till the time i felt my face

burning. The ice melted in my shoes soaking my feet nearly freezing them solid.

Eee...i rushed inside and secured a table to stick around.

I Kicked my heels, twiddle thumbs to pass some the time. Licking my

lips over i waz lost in the gaze. Everything,, the marigold flame of

the fireplace, people cuddling by it, red curtains, the family corner,

music, ohh the smell of fresh choco chip cookies....

Everything was just so same!!

Hold ur horses!

I saw her, a bright face in a musty overcoat.

Ohh she'z was cherub.!. Chubby cheeks,dimple chin, they were beyond cutesy.

She was perhaps there with her family Her winsome eyes were searching something. My eyes were followed the

kewpie. All of a sudden she bent down and upturned with something.

Smiles turns mirthless. The playful wind turned into a yowling beast,

flinging pieces of pain at my heart. The warmups gave no resistance to

the snarling bitch seeking to kill me with the breath more of memories

than of icey wind.

I cast around for her, she could nowhere be seen. Awfull enough i flew

hell to find her. Running recklessly, running to her, running from the


..i was all clueless.

The icey wind blew through my hair, a blend of emotions, but none

could distract.. I have to run, i have to get away.!

"There she was!", i tracked out the familiar color, seeking something

out of waste.

"hey..what are you doing behind those dustpacks???"...i asked.

A shudder racked her body, reminding me of something i went through.

Her eyes wandered away, bending her lips down at the side.

I fought for mine... "what's your name??"

she shrugged.

"can i get a penny?"... she said unbolting her fingers slowly, soggy enough!

"No.. U can't"

a tear rolled down the glitering eyes.

"I'll gift you 'the Dream'. "...i added.

She glared me ceaselessly.

"I'l give you food, care, and love"

"There is nothing i can pay"..saying this she crept silently to the other side.

"U can give your words"...i shouted.

"vow u would never plead for anything, u would never tug round the wastes

of life.

Forget whatever that reduced you to begging and make a new start, a

change to make your happines unsnactchable!!

Surrender your self to the ultimate dream of life... Promise me!!"

She turned and gave a disbelieving laugh.

"Agreement??"..i enquired.

Her eyes became softer.

"Dun cry, gud gals dun, the tears may freeze your eyez shut and bad

boy will run away with ur christmas gift". . i said and hugged her


"whats your name??"

"Rose!! rose with a pink noze"...and she shrieked with laughter and

ran away, promising she would retreat, to the path of snow that would

never end..!!

Read 4424 times Last modified on Thursday, 05 June 2014 10:18
Venu pandey

Engineer-cum writer, an avid reader, pursuing BTech with computer science stream , from SLSET, Kichha. She is a personal tid-bit writer.

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