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    We will get a professional book editor to edit your book. This person will work in close association with you to give the book its final shape. Remember book editing is an art and a science and a professionally edited book requires total commitment from the editor to not only refine the body of the book but also to unleash its soul. It is a loving time-taking exercise but well worth the effort. No reputed writer has managed to produce a best seller without the support of an able editor.

    An error-free book is a joy. Despite the confidence that some authors have about having read and re-read their manuscript for oversights and proof mistakes, the old dictum of handing over your work to a fresh pair of eyes still holds true. So even if you have satisfactorily edited your book, you still need a proof reader to ensure that even minor typos have been eradicated from your manuscript.

    We will convert your Word files and format pages etc for easy upload, placing advertisements in the text (advertisements within the text when clicked by users will generate additional royalty revenue for you) for a pleasurable read by your fans.
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Price: RS 2000 FOR 150 PAGES; RS 500 FOR EVERY 50 ADDITIONAL PAGES
    • Recurring: No

    As you are well aware, an attractive cover can make or mar the marketing of a book. The blurb ‘About the book’ is also the hook which draws the readers to click on the text of the book. The packaging, therefore, is as important as the content and, we at WriteConnectIndia.com, will provide you with experts to make the ‘wrapper’ more wholesome and appealing. Note: Commercial photograph/illustration or specially commissioned art piece will be exclusive of the basic cost.
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Recurring: No

    You can rely on us to create an interesting video which highlights your personality and also generates interest in the book by either having a video which speaks about your creative journey or is centred on book reading by you. We will not only shoot the video in a studio or an actual location but will also edit it, give captions and a voice-over if needed. We will host it on WriteConnectIndia.com and also plug it on YouTube and other video sharing sites. COST: RS 6,500 FOR FIRST 60 SECONDS, RS 1,500 FOR EVERY ADDITIONAL 30 SECONDS.
    • Duration: 1 weeks
    • Price: COST: RS 6,500 FOR FIRST 60 SECONDS,
    • Recurring: No

    WriteConnectIndia.com is the only site globally that gives you the opportunity to promote your book in every possible way. The text of your book can be read online and on mobile phones without expensive reading devices like iPad or Nook. This means that your work can be accessed seamlessly even by a reader sitting in some remote rural location. WriteConnectIndia.com therefore is a pioneering platform which spreads the word about your book FREE even as you earn your royalty through downloads. But you can specifically target potential readers of your genre as per their location, age, gender or income by subscribing to our EMAIL and SMS services. We will help you with email and/or SMS promotion by providing you with attractive email templates, choosing the promotional text and selecting relevant excerpts from your book to engage the targeted readers. Cost: Please indicate your requirement of the mail-SMS mix on info@WriteConnectIndia.com and we will respond with an economically attractive price structure.
    • Duration: 1 years
    • Price: Indicate your requirement of the mail-SMS mix on info@WriteConnectIndia.com
    • Recurring: No

    Poetry and self-help books lend themselves beautifully to the video book format. If you wish to do a 20-minute video book, we will provide the full infrastructure to shoot and edit it with relevant graphics and voice over.
    • Duration: 1 months
    • Price: RS 45,000 FOR A DAY-LONG STUDIO SHOOT;
    • Recurring: No

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