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WriteConnectIndia is a reading and publishing digital platform which seamlessly integrates the author with the reader and the reader with the written word in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the artist and the connoisseur.

It offers FREE PUBLISHING to authors and FREE READING to book lovers. Its unique revenue model however ensures that writers are assured of hugely HIGHER ROYALTIES on WriteConnectIndia than they would receive from the traditional publishing houses -- UP TO 85 PER CENT of the book’s cover price.


  • Write and publish immediately. No waiting endlessly for the publisher to respond to your manuscript.
  • Reach an incredible 100,000 readers within hours of the book upload.
  • Share your book excerpts with friends and strangers by using WriteConnectIndia’s mass mailing and SMS services.It is  the largest ever network created exclusively for writers.
  • Upload your video FREE describing the book.
  • Innovate away from the written word – DO A VIDEO BOOK.
  • Create your page on AuthorConnect and interact freely with your audience.
  • Earn as much as 85 per cent of the revenue as royalty for your book.
  • Transparency in royalty payment via an infallible My Book Sale meter which records every transaction in detail .
  • Get author sponsorship for yourself through WriteConnectIndia FREE.
  • Publish hard copies of your book via On-Demand Publishing.


  • Read across all genres – fiction, non fiction, poetry, drama et al-FREE OF COST.
  • Access books on your computer or on your CELL PHONE - books on the go!
  • Read a new BOOK every other day.
  • Log in to Video and Audio play for poetry.
  • Watch Video of authors describing their work.
  • Connect with authors directly through AuthorConnect page – comment, argue, discuss their life and work face-to-face.

How does it work?

All you have to do is to register and start uploading or browsing. All reading on the website is free (you can read the full book) and all uploads with the mandatory formatting etc. is minus any costs.

Please check out Services if you require any intervention from us to help you digitally publish your book the way you want to.

Our Team



WriteConnectIndia.com was born out of an idea incubated by him. Pragya is no tech nerd but combines in himself a fair knowledge of the worldwideweb together with his love for books. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Economics from the University of Lucknow.




Manish has over 13 years of experience in building and managing IT operations.His wide experience includes Web & Mobile Applications Development,ISP (Network & Server Admin) & BPO (Domestic Call Centre) Operations.Manish is a founding member of an ISP and Domestic Call centre services provider in India. Manish has a bachelors in Computer Engineering.




Ashwini has been in mainline journalism for nearly three decades now. He has worked for prestigious newspapers and magazines like The Pioneer,The Times of India,Illustrated Weekly of India, Dharamyug,Dinman,The Tribune and TV news channels.He was the Literary Editor with "The Tribune" for nearly 9 yrs. Ashwini has authored two books,one of which was published by the Chandigarh Sahitya Academy.