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I produce two shows - one weekly - 30 min exclusive conversation based show 'Between Us' which I host too. The other is called 'Marigold' - a daily 30-min entertainment show that includes daily events, special stories, mini-docus & entertainment-related news/ features.


Day & Night News, Chandigarh

April 2009 – Present (5 years 2 months)

Assistant Editor (Features) & Entertainment Head

Day & Night News

April 2009 – Present (5 years 2 months)Chandigarh

As a Features Head, I am responsible for two shows - one a half-hourly daily & another, a weekly exclusive show.

As a producer & hostess of the exclusive 30-min weekly show - aired prime time Sundays - 'Between Us' involves conversations with actors, filmmakers, musicians, authors, poets, artistes, & anybody representing any field with a famously impressive body of work.

As a producer of the daily half-hour show 'Marigold', my job involves leading a team of 10-12, conceiving the daily show, the varied stories, reports, specials, mini-docus & the daily events it would bunch up together. The job involves leading the team, conceptualising, editing copies, giving voiceovers & everything that TV programming involves.

Hindustan TimesFeatures Editor

Hindustan Times

April 2000 – June 2008 (8 years 3 months)Chandigarh

As a Features Head with The Hindustan Times Group, I lead the Features team and was in-charge of the main features pullout 'HT City'. My job involved the daily planning of the spots & stories to be covered/ reported, conceive the creative elements & the output, edit and mostly re-write copy, give headlines, check the final product before the paper went into printing. A major part of my job of course involved writing (profiling celebs, artistes, authors, poets, spiritual leaders and anybody who made for an interesting story worth telling). I also wrote food, music & perspective/think aloud columns. I reviewed theatre, cinema & music.

The Indian Express

Chandigarh, Mumbai

May 1997 – April 2000 (3 years)Chandigarh, Mumbai

Worked as a Features Sub-Editor & reporter/ writer.