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All About Author Connect

At AuthorConnect, you can share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your works with millions of readers.Add your biography, photos, blog, video, and tour events to the AuthorConnect page, your homepage on WriteConnectIndia.com

What you can do on AuthorConnect

The AuthorConnect page provides a handy place for customers to learn about you. Helping customers get to know you is an effective way to introduce them to—or better educate them about—your books. On the AuthorConnect page, we display essential information about authors—including biographies, author photos, and even feeds to blog posts.

You use AuthorConnect to personalize the contents of the AuthorConnect page dedicated to your books. Here’s how to start:

1.Setup your AuthorConnect account if you haven’t already done so.

(Click on Register-Top Right)

2. In AuthorConnect (Top Right-Click on the MyAccount tab.

3. You’ll see sections for adding or changing your biography, photos, or other events.

Getting an AuthorConnect Page for your books

We start the creation process for an AuthorConnect Page as soon as you sign up for AuthorConnect. You can begin adding content to an AuthorConnect Page as soon as you sign up. Once your Author Connect account is setup, changes appear on the AuthorConnect Page instantly.

Making your book available on WCI

Our goal is to have every book, ever published, in any language available for WCI customers to download and begin reading in less than 60 seconds. If your book is not yet available on WCI, we’d like to help you reach this quickly growing market.

Linking to WriteConnectIndia from your own website

We hope you will link to WCI from your website, because we think WCI is a great place for readers to access all editions of your work.

Help on questions not covered here

Please use our "Contact us" form.



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