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WriteConnectIndia.com encourages you to reduce the costs of publishing and promotion and therefore assists you at every stage to make the cut.

We will guide you to do the following FREE OF COST:

1. Book formatting for online release.
2. Cover design of the book.
3. Back cover.
4. Book blurb.
5. Author bio.
6. A short write up on the book.
7. Promotional author video.
8. Promotional book video.
9. Setting up your account on the interactive AuthorConnect page for live feedback from friends, relatives, critics and readers.
10. Placement of images in the text of the book.
11. Creating your own table of content.
12. Any audio or video file which is other than promotional material.

It will be our endeavour to help, guide and assist you in preparing your creative material for seamless upload ensuring quick reach to millions of readers. The Do-It-Yourself mode is a cherished aim of WriteConnectIndia.com to ensure FREE DIGITAL PUBLISHING AND FREE ONLINE READING.

You can contact us for help for accomplishing any of the tasks mentioned above at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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