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Categories:      Fiction
Authors:      Oshee Johri
ISBN-10(13):      00
Publisher:      WriteConnectIndia
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Rating:      0.5 
Cover Photo:      cover

Adelene was a simple twelve year old, residing in a small town of South Africa. She wasn’t the kind who belonged to a high school ‘clique’ or the one who’d be found setting her hair before the class. She‘s the one who lives the life her way, in the football field. Not from an average well off family, her father being a drunkard, no one taught her how to dream big, or live big. Then she met Ashton Dawson. The son of one of the richest businessmen of the town, six years elder to her. After a very shaky start to their friendship, they gradually found solace in each other. It was a different friendship, totally exceptional. Which way will it head? Will the boat sail smoothly or hit a rock and shatter along the shore?


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